8 Crucial Stretches  To Relief Lower Back Pain

8 Lower Back Stretches

8 Lower Back Stretches

1. Child’s Pose 2. Butterfly 3. Single Leg Forward Fold 4. Piriformis Wall Stretch 5. Sitting Piriformis Stretch 6. Wall Candle 7. Candle Roll-Back 8. Overhead Squat Against Wall

Child’s pose

The child’s pose is one of the most popular yoga poses.

Child’s Pose With Side Stretches

It’s not only calming for the mind but also a gentle way to stretch your back muscles.

The Butterfly

The Butterfly pose will not only stretch your lower and mid-back but open your hips as well.

Single Leg Forward Fold

It  will stretch almost your entire posterior chain.

Piriformis Wall Stretch

The piriformis aids with rotating the hips and thighs thus enabling a lot of our daily movements like walking, running, sitting, etc.

Sitting Piriformis Stretch

Wall Candle Stretch

This is a very simple, yet effective stretch to release tight hamstrings and lower back.

Candle Roll-Back

This is quite an advanced progression of the candle stretch and if you find it too demanding, just skip it until you build up enough flexibility.

Overhead Squat Against The Wall

This one will bring relief to your lower back, lengthen your spine, and open up your hips.

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